Catho Migrates its Data Warehouse to the Cloud with Birst

Catho migrated and automated its corporate data warehouse in the cloud with Birst. The project had the support of Pure DTS. This was the first major contract provider of analytical tools in the cloud in the Brazilian market.

computerworld2“We were looking for a tool that would meet our needs of having an on demand system, thinking about the end user, and storage of all cloud data,” said Natalia Vinci, business intelligence coordinator of the recruiting platform.

According to the manager, the technology proved to be adherent to the needs and the deployment process happened quickly.

“Since we started using Birst, in addition to the gains that we’ve been waiting for, we also observed a significant increase in the speed of data extraction and reporting and dashboards, that help the entire company in strategic decision-making,” he adds.

Birst offers an architecture for BI in the cloud or on-premise, automatic data refinement; suggestions upload time modeling; ETLs pre-built; immediate connection with market legacies and Big Data; SF.COM; Adobe Catalyst; SAP Hana; SAP BW; Oracle Cloud; Eloqua, Hadoop, among others.

Besides Data Discovery layer and BI with Automated Self Service governance, the solution also provides integrated utilization for mobile devices, and the ability to withstand high volumes of data (True Cloud Architecture).

The preceding is an English-language translation of an article originally published in Computerworld Brazil.