BI Gains New Momentum with the Arrival of Birst in Brazil

Susana Batimarchi July 10, 2015

An innovative new Business Intelligence tool is coming to the Brazilian market and Latin America: it is Birst, represented exclusively by Think Consulting.

Rodrigo-Carvalho-executivo-1-225x300Birst is the first Product Business Intelligence 100% built thinking in the cloud. With revolutionary technology preview and excellent data integration capabilities, Birst has been recognized by the market as one of the best tools of the moment. “We believe the future is the technologies that make use of this valuable resource of cloud computing, which lowers total cost of ownership and provides ease and flexibility to users in general, whatever the device, with full security of your information, not regardless of the size of the organization or purpose,” explains Rodrigo Carvalho. which brought the tool on its own initiative for Brazil.

The Think Consulting is the first distributor Champion Partner of Birst for Latin America. Launched in May 2015, plans to achieve 50 clients served in the country this year. “We plan to reach 500 customers in five years, with a turnover of around R $30 million a year,” the executive plans. In addition, the company is already developing a tool for major clients in the Brazilian market, and forming working teams in its main hubs in Latin America such as Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

According to the executive, demand for BI tools in Latin America is very strong and the intention of the company is to act strongly in these countries.

The importance of BI

Although there is an explosion of digital data and even with an increasingly connected and technologically literate world, most organizations have armed only 1% of its business with the tools to understand this ocean of data.

Thus tools of Business Intelligence such as Birst, stand for using the cloud. “We believe the future is the technologies that make use of this valuable resource of computing that lowers total cost of ownership and provides ease and flexibility to users, regardless of the device,” explains the executive.

For Carvalho, the use of cloud that initially generated the fear of losing data opting for server-less tools, is already an outdated stage. “Since it is always difficult for anyone to believe in something you can not see. For companies that have huge rooms, chilled, full of electronic equipment called servers, it is simpler to say that the information is there. But when it is proposed that this space is eliminated or reduced, but innovation generates some surprise, “says the entrepreneur.

Ease of access and low initial investment, companies are increasingly turning to the use of cloud applications. In the case of Birst, the tool itself maintains multiple locations worldwide in which the information is stored. By the system, the data will be transferred as needed

According to the executive of Think, the BI cloud is a viable reality for most companies. “When business owners realize considerable savings on infrastructure and the positive opinions from customers, the picture becomes security,” he said.

Cloud technology market

Just to give you an idea of the market today:

  • 50% of companies opting for cloud computing;
  • The main reason is the reduction of costs;
  • 37% see an improvement in the alignment and interaction with customers, suppliers and business partners;
  • 54% believe that there was an increase in productivity of your employees;
  • 48% claim to have greater satisfaction and flexibility in their activities after the beginning of cloud use in organizational routine;
  • In 2012, 83% believed at risk of data loss and low privacy in the cloud option. In 2015, the number dropped to 53%;
  • Three years ago, 78% concerned with intellectual property theft. Currently, only 50% are concerned about the issue.

(Source: report “Leveraging the business with the Cloud” KPMG International For the study, 539 global executives were interviewed.)

The preceding is an English-language translation of an article originally published in Instituto Information Management