Birst Supply Chain Analytics

Manage Every Step of the Supply Chain
from One View

Birst enables collaboration across the supply chain – with internal business processes and external customers and suppliers. Real-time visibility lets decision makers adjust to changes in supply and demand; transparent governance means the impact of their decisions will be updated consistently across the ecosystem.


Visibility At Every Point Across the Supply Chain

Demand Planning
Supply Chain

Forecast across multiple product lines and global demand. Respond immediately to demand signals. Synchronize demand planning with production and adjust to changes in available materials.

  • visibility

    Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

    Get a proactive view into forecasts, bookings, backlog, shipments and more, with self-service and event-driven alerts.

  • spend

    Holistic View of Spend

    Consolidate spend and negotiate discounts with a unified view of purchase orders across your supplier base.

  • max-profit

    Profit Maximization

    Plan and adjust for profit maximization with a clearer view of sales, distribution, and production.

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