Services and
Operational Analytics

Improve Quality of Service and Day-to-Day

Rapidly deliver insights from personnel to operations to customer satisfaction. Birst services and operational analytics combines enterprise-caliber self-service business analytics tools with a robust and reliable trusted data store, so you can quickly identify the root causes of operational inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction. Gain deeper insights, make data-driven decisions with confidence and optimize quality of service, while improving operational efficiency.

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Get Visibility Across All Your Operations Scenarios

Customer Service Analytics
Service Team and Rep Performance
Customer Service to Business Impact

Increase customer satisfaction and retention. Get a complete view of critical service KPIs with enterprise data analytics to quickly and effectively handle service requests. Know customers needs and how to better serve them by understanding the factors that prompt requests.

  • productivity

    Maximize Employee Productivity

    Enable analysts and first-line managers with cloud based business intelligence tools and operational analytics to view data in the context of their respective roles and specific KPIs.

  • satisfaction

    Rethink Customer Satisfaction

    Unify customer history and current activity with agile business intelligence to understand the true drivers
    of customer satisfaction.

  • efficiency

    Drive Operational Efficiency

    Utilize BI reporting tools to ensure key metrics and SLAs can be measured, analyzed, and improved
    upon, every day.

Operational Insights
At Your Fingertips

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