Birst OEM and Embedded Analytics platform, with patented machine learning technology, helps you create new analytic applications faster than ever before.

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Give your customers smart, self-service, branded and secure analytic applications with flexible deployment options that scale with your business.

On-Brand. Your brand is important, so Birst makes it easy to develop 100% white-labeled and unique analytics experiences for your customers with seamless embedding, robust APIs and complete localization. 

On-Point. You need deep analytics insights, not just pretty charts, to differentiate your product in the market.  Birst can help you create value-based analytic solutions with 66% higher adoption rates that will help your customers succeed. 

On-Time. Getting your data-driven product to market faster is what we are all about.  Birst leverages patented automation technology and a full-stack analytics platform to deliver analytics apps in 70% less time than other toolkits. 

If you are looking to build analytics product, but don’t have the time, resources or domain expertise, Birst can help. See how we have helped hundreds of customer like you win with OEM and embedded analytics.

We chose Birst because it is cloud enabled, and also because of its roadmap—with embedded BI, vision, and investment. We didn’t want to choose the best platform for today if, in two years’ time, it is behind the pack.
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Birst OEM analytics allowed us to create a business intelligence solution that enables our customers to gain analytic insights on the effectiveness of their benefits programs and recognize the value of their core application. Birst enabled us to launch our analytics solution in less than a quarter.
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The data, data, data, data. This was by far our biggest challenge, and no other vendor provided a solution to this challenge of data acquisition and modeling, as well as having a front end, as Birst did.
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We started by developing tools for the mining industry to integrate, analyze, and visualize data from machine sensors combined with ERP data. Our analytics framework was then readily adapted to provide real-time BI visualizations on devices including TV screens in other industries.
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When we were developing new reports for our customers, we had to go through a whole process of specifying the report, designing it, developing it, testing it releasing it and this process was not quick. The aim with our extranet application was to allow our customers and those on behalf of our customers to create reports in a fraction of that time.
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Go to Market Faster

Birst delivers a comprehensive OEM and embedded analytics platform, in the cloud or on-premise, that pre-integrates data management, modern visualizations, machine learning and full self-service analysis in one place.  Just bring your data and Birst will handle the rest.

Differentiate on Data

Provide customers with data discovery, dashboards, data-blending, and a fully branded mobile application, for a complete and modern analytics solution.  Create pricing and packaging tiers, and give your customers a range of self-service tools for truly differentiated product experience.

Flexible Licensing Options

Birst offers unique flexibility when it comes to pricing. Forget about being charged for each of your end-users. At Birst we license per customer, giving you more time to focus on the product rather than price. Click on the chat icon to learn more.

Partner for Success

Birst helps you every step of the way, from product design, pricing & packaging, to go-to-market strategies that are proven winners. Birst has helped hundreds of companies across every industry to launch successful analytic products, including all of Infor’s industry-leading CloudSuite applications.


Birst Embedded Analytics Always be one step ahead.

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