Data Discovery

Smarter Decision-Making at Scale

Giving business users the tools to access, prepare and explore data on their own does not mean abandoning governance. Governed Data Discovery empowers users with cloud based business intelligence to enable: self-service capabilities, a shared fabric of data, and ultimately smarter decisions at scale. Find out why Gartner ranked Birst the #1 solution for Governed Data Discovery.


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    Be a Data Mixologist

    Use business intelligence and analytics tools to blend and transform individual user data + centralized IT data easily on your own. Data modeling experience not required.

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    Discover Hidden Insights

    Explore your data with easy-to-use yet powerfully interactive visualizations. Engage with agile BI technology to Quickly and effortlessly uncover trends, patterns and outliers.

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    Eliminate Reporting Silos

    Stop data discovery sprawl. Enable users to work in personal sandboxes
    while leveraging a networked fabric of analytics that eliminates silos.


Smarter Decision-Making
at Scale

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