Birst for Big Data

The New Approach to Big Data Analytics

Hadoop, MongoDB and other data lakes provide great data storage and processing power. However they choke when it comes to interactive business analytics. The same architecture that makes them a great platform for storing massive unstructured data renders them inadequate for analytical workloads and multiple concurrent users. Birst’s BI platform takes a new approach to big data analytics. 


  • timer

    Analyze Big Data
    at Business Speed

    Big Data engines are too slow for analytic scenarios. Birst automatically refines raw data into an analytic-ready format.

  • light-bulb

    Interact with Data
    in Business Terms

    Business users think in business terms, not joins and queries. Birst BI transforms complex big data into simple self-service.

  • connections

    Scale to Lots
    of Concurrent Users

    Birst’s caching and aggregate awareness offers the best query execution path for high concurrent user scenarios.




Tame Big Data

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