The Future of BI is Networked

A Networked Model for Analytics

The Future of BI is Networked

Are you struggling to extend BI capabilities to a user community that demands greater self-service, but without compromising security and trust in your data?

Businesses today do not operate like a collection of disconnected silos. Your BI and data analytics solution shouldn’t either. But this is what happens with expanding big data ecosystems and desktop-based data discovery tools that can’t support enterprise-wide analytics governance.

Business people are forced to make decisions in a vacuum and work with conflicting and unreliable interpretations of their data. As these analytical silos proliferate, companies suffer from what experts call a “spreadmart effect”, which undermines trust in the data and leads to poor decision-making.

Networked BI is a breakthrough approach to data analytics that connects every part of your organization via a shared analytical fabric that every person can easily access and extend. It eliminates analytical silos once and for all, empowering everyone with self-service BI tools that enable you to leverage the collective business intelligence of your organization.

Legacy business intelligence platforms and desktop discovery tools present organizations with a risky choice between analytical governance and agility. A modern BI solution must support an entirely new model that enables decentralized self-service analytics with centralized data governance.

Download our white paper and you will learn:

  • Why neither centralized nor decentralized BI models are sufficient to solve today’s business challenges.
  • What is Networked BI and how will it redefine the way companies deliver and consume analytics.
  • How Networked BI helps leading companies optimize business processes at enterprise scale.

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