Self-Service Data Prep

Moving to a Connected Data Prep Model

2017 Whitepaper: Self-Service Data Prep: Moving to a Connected Data Prep Model

Organizations today are becoming more and more data-driven. Whether it is big data, public data, external data, partner data, or embedded analytics, data fuels the critical business decisions an organization needs to make.

With the rise of self-service analytics, companies are looking to extend and expand data analytics to more users and functional departments. Executives and managers understand that employees empowered with the ability to assemble and analyze data can identify opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve services, retain customers and, ultimately, achieve a competitive advantage.

Additionally, organizations embracing self-service data prep tools are enabling business users to react to changing business conditions and reduce the time to business insights.

Without the ability to connect to, integrate, cleanse and transform various data sources, self-service analytics remains limited to a specialized audience, leaving the rest of the organization relying on the knowledge of experts.

Empowering business users with self-service data preparation capabilities is a critical step for data-driven organizations looking to extend the power of analytics to a larger audience.

Download this white paper, Self-Service Data Prep: Moving to a Connected Data Prep Model, to learn about:

  • The need for self-service data prep
  • Data prep’s advancement from an individual model to a connected model
  • Top uses cases for connected data prep