Self-Service Data Prep and Data Blending

For Companies Creating Analytics Applications and Data Products

Self-Service Data Prep and Data Blending

How do you make an enterprise business application sticky? Infuse it with value, offer a rich and intuitive user interface and encourage information sharing and self-service data analytics.

With Birst’s embedded BI and self-service data analytics solution, you can reward your customers with fast, actionable insights, enable them to easily blend and mashup their own individual data with the information assets you provide, and create a network effect by connecting each end-user’s individual analysis with others.

This tech brief shows how Birst can help you:

  • Provide end users with search-based self-service data analytics
  • Enable users to blend their data with your centralized application data
  • Empower users to prepare and enrich their data on their own

In this tech brief you will also learn about the benefits of deploying a BI analytics application across your enterprise including:

  • Business user data mashup and blending – Enable business users to mashup and blend their own data sets with the centralized application data or data sets from other groups or individuals. Create a variety of joins and apply business logic and transformations to create new networked datasets ready for analysis.
  • Business user-defined calculations and groupings – Enable business users to create and share custom groups and calculated measures.
  • Data enrichment – Provide business users with the ability to prepare data for analysis with renaming, combining or splitting columns or by using external data sources to fix, extend or enhance the dataset.
  • Collaboration – Leverage best practices in social collaboration through discussion threads. Network each user’s personalized data blend with others, in context of the exact point-in-time the data was refreshed in order to provide collaboration and sharing of consistent and trusted data.
  • Constant iterations – Enable business users to manage their information changes on their own by re-uploading their data again, iterating, refining, and generating new insights.
  • Promote business user-generated data sets to the system of record – Enhance productivity and foster community by providing the ability to promote end-user generated data sets to the master or central data store.

To learn more about Birst’s self-service analytics solution watch our product demo here.