Business users are fed up with waiting for information to become available, waiting for reports and waiting for the results of queries.
Now the waiting has come to an end. Birst and SAP are joining forces to combine the leading cloud business intelligence platform with the most powerful cloud-based in-memory database so you can deliver information instantly to all of your business users regardless of data size, number of sources and complexity.
Join SAP and Birst to learn how our new partnership will dramatically improve time to value for analytics investments by providing access to all data at unprecedented speed while removing complexity from the task of combining and delivering trusted information.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How Birst uniquely delivers a user data tier in SAP HANA and a comprehensive BI platform to support instant analytics
  • Why the SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the fastest way to get answers on all your data and is a logical platform for open development to turn insight into action
  • How to combine the power of a SAP HANA Cloud Platform with the agility of Birst Cloud BI
Southard Jones

Southard Jones
VP, Product Strategy
Emily Mui

Emily Mui
Sr. Director of HANA, Cloud Product Marketing