“It’s a numbers game.” At least that’s what many of the greatest sales leaders will tell you is the key to running a world-class sales organization. But how do you win the numbers game? All you have to do is pull data from your CRM system, have your overworked sales operations team create a pretty view of your pipeline or your current account forecast, and you are all set, right? Clearly, it is not that easy.
In fact, the most important numbers in your sales organization go well beyond pipeline or forecast. Analytics on how fast your new sales reps are ramping to quota, the training habits of your top performers, and hiring profile of reps in your most successful new markets are all examples of analysis that can be as important as having a solid forecast.
Join Birst as we discuss how leading global enterprises like Royal Bank of Canada and Reckitt Benckiser are leveraging Birst’s business intelligence solution to gain a competitive advantage, by using data from across the enterprise to improve every decision each quota carrying employee makes every day.
Richard Neale

Richard Neale
/Director, EMEA marketing