Useful insights are wasted every day because your employees and customers analyze data in silos. What if you could unlock the collective intelligence of your people and your data?
Birst 6, the newest release from the global leader in cloud BI & analytics, connects your team’s insights through a network of analytics in the cloud, for trusted insights and smarter business decisions.
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Join this webinar and be among the first to learn about Birst 6. In this webinar you will:
  • Learn how Birst Connected Data Prep empowers business people to smartly access, prepare, and network data on their own.
  • Understand how Birst’s network of analytics eliminates disconnected silos of information.
  • Watch a demonstration of the new features in Birst 6.

Pedro Arellano
Vice President, Product Strategy

Junaid Saiyed
VP, Product Management & Engineering