How Birst’s Business Intelligence Solution Helped Spireon Create Analytics on Top of their IoT Data


With Birst Business Analytics, Spireon Spends More Time Analyzing Data and Driving Insights, and Less Time Generating Reports

Birst customer, Spireon, is the industry’s leading connected vehicle company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful Big Data analytics that track fleet and rental car usage for logistic companies, auto rentals and insurance providers. Prior to using Birst’s business intelligence solution, Spireon found that extracting data and generating reports was a lengthy exercise taking weeks, delaying their ability to analyze the data.

According to Ben Tran, product management lead for data and mobile at Spireon, their team used to spend 80% of their time building reports. With the Birst business intelligence solution, “it’s now flipped to 20% creating the reports and generating the necessary data points, and 80% analyzing the insights.”

Birst | Spireon

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