Get the Most Out of SAP HANA with Birst BI Platform


Companies are looking for ways to derive maximum value from their investments in SAP HANA. Learn how the Birst BI platform can help you leverage the full power and performance of SAP HANA by automatically building a user-ready data store in SAP HANA and delivering visual discovery, dashboards, enterprise reports, and mobile all across a single business model.

Eliminate BI wait time and reduce maintenance with Birst’s pre-built SAP connectors and cloud analytics platform that automatically combines SAP and non-SAP data.

Learn more in this overview video.

Learn More About Birst’s Cloud Analytics Platform

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    Technical Whitepaper

    A Platform for Networked Business Analytics

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    Instant Analytics with Birst and SAP HANA

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    Birst and SAP HANA: Stop Waiting for Business Intelligence

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