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Unlock the power of Networked BI to deliver analytics like never before

Businesses today do not operate like a collection of disconnected silos. Your BI and analytics solution shouldn’t either.

Birst Networked BI is a groundbreaking approach to analytics that connects every part of your organization via a shared analytical fabric that eliminates data silos, accelerates the delivery of analytics across the enterprise, and enables people to work with trusted data.

Networked BI virtualizes the entire analytics and data ecosystem, enabling the transformation of an organization’s approach to analytics. Built on top of Birst’s modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture, Birst creates a set of interwoven analytics and BI instances that share a common data-as-a-service fabric. This enables organizations to expand the use of BI across multiple regions, product lines, departments and customers in a more agile way, and empowers these decentralized teams to augment their enterprise data with their own local data.

Networked BI is different, allowing both top-down and bottom-up blending of data. The result is local execution with global governance, eliminating data silos once and for all and dramatically accelerating the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

Networked BI Solution Brief

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“With Birst’s Networked BI platform and its new end-user data prep capabilities, users have access to interconnected virtual instances of data that enable them to make the most accurate, data-driven decisions.”
— Joe Sims,
Director of Information Management at Rovi

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