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Connect to a new level of trusted insight

Birst’s Connected Data Prep empowers business people to access and prepare data with user-friendly, visual experience that eliminates the need for complicated scripting. Not only that, with Connected Data Prep you can network your analytics with data from colleagues, other departments, or your IT organization, enriching your insights for smarter, more trusted decisions.

ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is a process used by highly skilled data architects to take data in its native form and organize it into an analytic-ready format. Birst Connected Data Prep takes the power of ETL and puts it in the hands of business people using a very simple process:

  • Connect to different data sources
  • Prepare your data using powerful data transformations
  • Relate your data with the rest of the Birst network of analytics

Go from raw data to trusted analytics with Birst Connected Data Prep.


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“With Birst Connected Data Prep, we can finally overcome data silos and move data analytics out of its ivory tower and into the hands of business users, resulting in smart, reliable decisions and better business outcomes.”
—Rob Saker,
Chief Data Officer, Crossmark

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