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Birst and SAP turn instant analytics into action

Whether you need to unlock the value of data in SAP or leverage the power of SAP HANA, Birst and SAP have partnered to provide a solution for each scenario. Eliminate BI wait time and reduce maintenance with Birst’s pre-built SAP connectors and architecture that automatically combines SAP and non-SAP data. Furthermore, experience instant answers to end-user questions by using SAP HANA as Birst’s User-ready Data Store.

Birst is the first third-party cloud analytics provider to run on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Birst’s patented analytics engine automatically builds a User-ready Data Store in HANA and delivers visual discovery, dashboards, enterprise reports, and mobile all across a single business model with the speed and power of SAP HANA. Birst also provides access to on-premise SAP HANA appliances and SAP HANA One on Amazon Web Services.

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“The key things we really like are speed of deployment and low overhead in terms of maintenance.”
— Fred Tiso,
VP of Worldwide Operations, Citrix

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