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Birst Mobile empowers people to make smart business decisions on the move

Birst Mobile is a native app for iOS and Android devices that delivers fast and secure access to all of your reports, dashboards, and KPIs from the palm of your hand. Birst’s industry-leading mobile capabilities empower people to make decisions anywhere – on the road, around the warehouse, in the retail store, aboard your flight – so your business can move at your speed.

Your Insights Anywhere, Anytime.

You’re constantly on the move. Your data should move with you. The modern business has untethered people from their desks, and every day we make important business decisions when not sitting in front of a computer. It’s no surprise that mobile devices are the fastest growing delivery platform for business analytics applications. Birst Mobile gives people access to insights anywhere they go, connected or disconnected.

Your business should not stop because of a lack of internet connectivity. This is why Birst Mobile offers offline interactivity so users can continue to explore their data in remote areas or in buildings where WiFi is not available (e.g. hospitals, oil fields, etc.). To support the highest levels of security, Birst encrypts data on the device and provides remote data wipe capabilities.

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“Birst was the right partner for us. The company’s technology fit our need to link data together in smarter ways, while its Cloud BI service could also be used for self-service.”
— Bart Redder,
Group CRM and Intelligence Director, Graydon

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