6 Analytic Insights You Still Can’t Do in Salesforce

(Even If You Have Wave)

eBook - 6 Analytic Insights You Still Can't Do in Salesforce

Sure, Salesforce provides data analytics, reports, and dashboards; but if you only rely on that, you risk losing real money to your competitors who are analyzing CRM data combined with other data sources to gain greater visibility into customers, prospects, and sales process.

Information is more than just data; it’s money! But you can’t extract the true value of data without an analytic application that does the heavy lifting beyond what simple reports and dashboards provide.

Birst enables sales organizations to realize the full potential of their CRM data by helping them make better, data-driven decisions with a powerful business intelligence solution. Birst Sales Analytics provides this ability by going above and beyond what any CRM reporting and data analytics solution, including Salesforce, provides.

Download this free eBook to learn more about why you need Birst’s advanced BI analytics that expand the reporting and analytics available from your CRM system. This guide provides a list of six important insights to consider.