10 Hard Questions to Make Your Choice of Cloud Analytics Easier

eBook: 10 Hard Questions to 
Make Your Choice of Cloud Analytics Easier
Choosing a superior business intelligence solution is not easy. After a while everything sounds the same. Use this guide to cut through the BI buzzwords and start creating a requirements outline that aligns with what you truly need to get out of your BI solution.

This complimentary eBook addresses:

  • 10 real-life business scenarios that drive BI requirements
  • Key concepts for choosing a superior solution
  • Technical topics presented in a business context

This guide contains answers to critical questions when evaluating and choosing a BI solution for your business including:

  • Do you need to analyze data from your transactional applications (Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP, etc.)
  • Do you need to analyze data from multiple different sources?
  • Has your organization undergone sales territory alignments, job changes, mergers or other organizational restructuring?
  • Do you need to compare performance today to snapshots of performance from the past?
  • Do you need to apply business rules or logic to data for analysis?
  • Do you need to distribute professionally formatted reports to executives, customers, or other organizations?
  • Does your organization have employees with different analytic skill levels?
  • Do you want to show reports or charts within the context of an existing application?
  • Does the organization need to perform “what-if” planning? Or project future performance?
  • Do you need to perform in-depth analytics that relates data from seemingly unrelated sources or tables?