Supply Chain Analytics


Supply chain analytics need not be as complicated as they seem. With Birst, data visualizations can map out a supply chain by dividing it into pieces like this:

  • SKUs you receive from suppliers;
  • Which items you hold in inventory; and,
  • Which items get sent out to customers.

This particular visualization shows outliers from within an inventory turnover metric. For our purposes, you can use inventory turnover as a proxy for supply chain efficiency. In this case, Birst’s data visualization software shows you that inventory turnover has been tracking below plan for the past three months.

Your next goal is to determine whether this inefficient turnover is a result of issues with an entire category of product or individual SKUs. By using Birst’s analytics tools, you can easily peel back a layer of analysis and get to the next level of detail. A more targeted view shows that the reduced turnover is limited to just a few classes of products. Within these classes you can even see detail down to individual product lines in a print-ready distributable report.

The detail these reports provides allows you to better understand why you are seeing a drop in efficiency. Birst’s business intelligence tools don’t stop there.

One of the most helpful aspects of Birst dashboards is that none of your work is set in stone. For example, you can return to the starting page and decide you want a higher information density. As a business user, Birst allows you to do take a copy of the dashboard and customize it with the information you want, either by using an existing data visualization from another dashboard or even just creating something new from scratch.

By leveraging the power of networked BI to connect your own data sets with the trusted, governed sources available in this corporate space, you can quickly piece together a deeper understanding of your business efficiency metrics.

Previously, this type of activity would have been in the realm of the specialist and involve a lot of time, effort, negotiation and politicking. Birst offers true end-to-end self-service business intelligence software readily accessible by both power user and business people.

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