Service Center Analytics


Global VPs of customer service and people in other, similar positions, will likely be interested in understanding the power of Birst in a service center environment.

A typical data dashboard for this role will include the most important KPIs, along with trending information in the form of data visualization, such as graphs and progress reports. The key, in this instance, is to lower the overall service center call abandonment rate.

Birst’s business intelligence and data analytics software makes it easy to identify which region has the highest call abandonment rate, so you can home in on that portion of your service center reps. In this case, Birst’s reporting tools show you that in the APAC region, cell phones have crossed the 8% abandonment threshold you’ve set as the SLA.

The important part of this exercise is achieving a better understanding of the factors driving that abandonment rate. Birst allows you to easily drill down to an agent and product-focused data dashboard, to see which agents are exceeding the 100-min initial call time goal.

Birst’s reporting tools show that APAC has high abandonment rate with users on the Blackberry Curve phone. That’s an interesting data point and something that might make sense to explore in more detail. On the product comparison page of the dashboard, you can see a more descriptive breakdown of call statuses.

What makes this dashboard so effective is that it allows you to easily isolate particular escalation categories or see the data in a different format or different style of data visualization. These features mean you can arrange your dashboards in a way that allows you to perform analysis on the individual factors you need to address.

Now that you’ve arranged your data dashboard appropriately, you can test a theory: You’ve heard that the Blackberry Curve is one of the highest-rated phones by Consumer Reports. If there’s a correlation between a higher rating and higher abandonment rates on support calls, you might be able to justify a tactic like targeted training for those particular agents.

To perform your data analysis, you can turn to the “ad hoc” mode of your dashboard’s status report. Now, you may not have information from Consumer Reports in Birst, but you do have it on computer. Birst’s data analytics tools allow you to blend your own local data with that from the application in just a few clicks. With Birst’s business intelligence platform, you can quickly adds Consumer Report scores then filter those by rating.

After importing Consumer Reports data into your Birst dashboard, you find that not only does the Blackberry Curve have the highest rating possible, it’s also the only product your service center supports that does have that rating. Armed with this specific information about a factor affecting your call abandonment rates, can take more informed, targeted action.

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