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As the VP of marketing, you are responsible for monitoring and driving specific growth metrics. Birst’s networked business intelligence and data analytics platform can provide you with the information and tools you need to meet your goals and understand the underlying numbers behind your organization’s performance.

For instance, you want to check in on your sales lead-to-cash ratio. Birst’s data dashboard allows you to view the revenue contribution by channel over time. Birst’s reporting tools show that your YTD metrics have you on a course to meet your goals. However, you can also see that revenue in a given month peaked and is now falling within each channel.

So, what’s happening with the month in question? It looks like sales reps aren’t turning qualified leads into cash at an optimal rate. Birst lets you bookmark that view in the dashboard to return to easily, later.

To gain further insight, you can use Birst’s data analytics tools to uncover more detail about how individual reps are performing. In this example, you can see the there are some geographies that aren’t adhering closely to the SLA they have in place — a good place to begin your investigation.

Birst’s platform lets you easily perform your own analysis. The dashboard lets you filter by turnaround time to uncover which reps are taking longer than the average lead time to convert a lead to revenue. For this month, you see that the average lead-to-cash time is 6.5 days, but this specific group of reps is taking closer to 13 days to turn a lead into revenue.

Of course, that longer turnaround time is likely contributing to the revenue decrease, and you’d like to understand how those reps handle conversion and close rates. With a data analytics-based decision, you can paint a clearer proverbial picture of who is performing, whether that performance is acceptable or not, and whether or not you need to adjust the SLA for the given geography.

This more detailed view also tells you that once these reps are able to act on their leads, they respond quickly. To help speed that process, you can easily build a new data dashboard to share with them. To create this dashboard, you can leverage existing information (like data from the bookmarked view from earlier), format the page to include the appropriate data visualizations to help illustrate your case, make slight adjustments and built a brand-new report.

This report gives you insight as to how people are performing within a given marketing channel. It also helps you provide your sales reps with the resources they need to perform better or tell you that the current SLA isn’t working for their region.

The only thing this new report might not have is forecasting information. Luckily, Birst’s BI technology lets you easily import and, through its data blending functionality, add forecasts to your current report.

With Birst, you can now unify all your marketing data into a single and trusted view and make marketing decisions with confidence. There are a number of analytics tools that show you how you are performing. Birst’s platform lets you customize and create your own analysis to understand why your performance metrics are trending a certain way. It’s just one of many ways Birst allows you to easily align sales and marketing on the strategies, channels, and campaigns that drive ROI.

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