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Networked BI
Birst Networked Business Analytics is a breakthrough approach to data analytics that connects and extends the collective intelligence of your organization. Watch the demo to see Birst in action.

Sales Analytics
Go beyond your CRM for complete sales data analysis. Watch the Birst Sales Analytics demo to see how Birst makes it easy to get the answers you need from your sales data.

Marketing Analytics
Birst Marketing Analytics puts campaign analytics in the hands of marketers, and empowers users to make data-driven marketing decisions. Build complete marketing ROI, and attribution models with Birst Marketing Analytics.

Embedded BI
Birst Embedded Analytics can help you create new analytic products for your customers. Use Birst’s data management, analytics, multi-tenancy and white-labeling capabilities to shorten time to market and enroll new customers quickly.

Supply Chain Analytics
Use Birst Supply Chain Analytics to virtualize your entire supply chain from supplier to customer. Unify complex data sources and processes to gain end-to-end visibility and easily access SCM analytics in real time.

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