How SunnyD Gained a Unified View of its Supply Chain, Cutting Overtime Costs 90% with Birst’s BI Solution


Leading Beverage Producer eliminates data silos with Birst’s BI Platform

Overview: Sunny Delight Beverages Co. is a leading producer of juice-based drinks in North America with four brands, including its flagship, SunnyD. When the company was spun off from Proctor & Gamble, eight different legacy business intelligence applications were in place, all with independent data silos of data.

Problem: In this environment, SunnyD executives would receive conflicting figures because end users were working off unique data silos. This disparity led to revenue unpredictability, lower margins than necessary, high inventory buffers, and a lack of understanding true profitability from sales promotions. SunnyD embraced the opportunity to transform its legacy environment into best-in-class business intelligence.

Key Selection Criteria: SunnyD evaluated 17 different vendors before committing to the Birst BI and data analytics solution. Birst integrates data from multiple sources with transparent data governance, while at the same time providing self-service analytics capabilities to both technical and non-technical users.

Birst Results: The Birst BI solution empowers SunnyD lines of business with department-level agility and enterprise-wide data consistency. This cross-functional visibility has created tremendous business value, resulting in profit optimization across the supply chain, including 7% savings on transportation, 2% sales increase and a 90% reduction in plant overtime costs.

Sunny Delight Beverage Co. Case Study - Birst BI

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Using a sound strategy for selecting and deploying an integrated data analytics approach…enabled us to cut costs related to production planning, transportation, customer profitability, and more.”
— Shawn Roberts,
VP and CIO, Sunny Delight Beverage Co.

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