How Birst Provides Jive Software with an Enterprise-Wide BI Platform


Jive Software Increases Productivity & Saves Time with Birst’s BI Platform

Overview: A rapidly growing software company in the mid-market, Jive sells collaboration software to companies who want to have active customer-centric communities, support and service teams. Jive employed a number of applications to manage its day-to-day business, but Jive was unable to easily tie together data across applications to gain a complete view of the business.

ProblemOnerous reporting processes required that employees download reports that were manually created in Excel every month. A financial analyst then spent an entire day assembling a single report, leaving little time left over to focus on its meaning. Jive decided that it needed an across-the-board, comprehensive business intelligence platform for its entire organization.

Key Selection Criteria: 1) Quick, easy deployment in the Cloud, 2) Ability to combine and analyze data from multiple sources, 3) Rapid, self-service analytics access for business users without help from IT, 4) Mobile access to information, and 5) Extensive BI expertise and commitment to customer success.

Birst Results: Jive experienced numerous benefits after deploying Birst’s BI platform, including 1) significant reduction in time spent creating reports, 2) improved sales analysis to close deals faster, 3) a more comprehensive view of the business for fact-based decision-making, and 4) increased productivity with mobile access to information cross-platform.

birst jive case study

“When we looked at the ease with which various BI solutions allow business users to construct, maintain, and add new sources to a data model, Birst blew everything else out of the water.”
— Monique Herman,
VP Business Operations
Jive Software

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