DiamondStream Bets New Business on Birst’s Agile Business Analytics Solution


Overview: Leveraging its proprietary technology platform for cash management, DiamondStream is uniquely positioned to provide analytical insights that help casinos realize the full potential of each patron. DiamondStream makes it possible for casinos to compare their performance to that of competitors, track their success with their most valuable patrons, and create and measure the results of targeted marketing campaigns based on this information.

Problem: Relying on its long history of providing consultative services to casinos, DiamondStream developed an innovative plan to create an online application that would provide casinos with unmatched insight into the marketplace and patron behavior. DiamondStream needed a partner that could contribute the analytical expertise, BI tools and technology on which this new application would be based.

Key Selection Criteria: DiamondStream identified numerous key criteria in its selection process: 1) extensive BI expertise and ability to execute, 2) dedication to long-term success, 3) a fully-integrated solution, 4) easy inclusion of disparate data sources, 5) affordability, and 6) an intuitive online interface.

Birst Results: Working with Birst, DiamondStream created CSI, a fully-branded, single sign-on application using Birst’s industry-leading, agile business analytics offering. Thanks to its partnership with Birst, DiamondStream created new revenue streams and competitive advantage, exponential growth of its client base and increased profitability.

Diamond Stream Case Study - Birst

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We needed a partner we could trust—an organization with the far-reaching analytical expertise, cost-effective technology, and advanced functionality that would help us to execute our vision. We found all of that, and more, in Birst.
— Dean Donovan,
Co-Founder and Managing Director

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