American Express Global Business Travel Uses Birst Embedded Analytics to Create Premier Insights Product


American Express Global Business Travel is the largest business travel provider in the world, with over 14,000 employees who help provide and manage unmatched start-to-finish corporate travel and meetings programs. Serving 37 out of the 100 largest travel spenders in the U.S., American Express GBT works with companies of all sizes and across all industries.

A company that manages over $19 billion in corporate spend and has a presence in about 120 countries needs to have the best big data analytics tools in the business in order to ensure a seamless business travel experience for members of its clientele. That is why they are teaming up with Birst, the leader in cloud business information and analytics.

Premier Insights is the product of this partnership. The cloud-enabled business intelligence platform is the most advanced tool of its kind. Christophe Tcheng, Vice President of Core Products and Platform Architecture at American Express, says of Premier Insights in ComputerWeekly, “We didn’t want to choose the best platform for today if, in two years’ time, it is behind the pack.”

Dozens of corporations are already using Premier Insights. The infinite data they are able to visualize and act upon benefits them in two major ways. The first is about the individual traveler. By seeing how and where a traveler spends money using his or her American Express Travel Card – for example, what hotel chain they stay at and what food they like to eat – future suggestions to match their preferences are readily available. These types of conveniences make the life of a busy traveler that much smoother and more comfortable.

Secondly, Premier Insights helps companies become more efficient. Knowing where money is being overspent and where it is being underspent allows management to make informed decisions that guard against waste and ensure that money is spent where it will be most advantageous.   

Corporations with business travel expenses have always had the data – perhaps an overwhelming amount of it. Now, with the foremost travel BI solutions platform, enabled by Birst, they have the big data insight that matters.

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We chose Birst because it is cloud enabled, and also because of its roadmap – with embedded BI, vision and investment. We didn’t want to choose the best platform for today if, in two years’ time, it is behind the pack.
— Christophe Tcheng,
VP of Core Products & Platform Architecture

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