How Citrix Created BI Architecture and a Digital Supply Chain with Birst


Leading hardware and software provider improves cloud computing solution with Birst’s BI Platform

Overview: Citrix Systems is a leading provider of virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions for more than 130,000 organizations worldwide.

Problem: Fred Tiso, VP of Worldwide Supply Chain, was tasked with providing real-time data visibility into operational data for material planning, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales and post-sales support, with data coming from over 400 sources and key metrics captured in over 150 spreadsheets. With data from multiple systems of record across the value chain, Citrix needed an aggregator to view metrics holistically.

Key Selection Criteria: After trying numerous other BI tools, Citrix selected Birst, as it demonstrated a model that aggregated data from multiple applications, contract manufacturers, payment processing, and other sources to enable analysis across 120 suppliers and 130,000 customers. Additionally, Birst stood out for its ease of implementation, maintenance and data model manipulation.

Birst Results: Citrix now has global, near real-time data visibility connecting, aggregating and transforming data every seven minutes, all managed by a single IT person. This digital supply chain enables Citrix to leapfrog competitors and achieve an industry-leading 5X increase in inventory turns and 99% on-time delivery.

Digital Supply Chain - Citrix Systems - Case Study - Birst BI

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We tried every BI tool under the sun, but they didn’t work for a variety of reasons…Then we found Birst and knew it was the real deal…Birst was a game-changer for us. We went live in less than 90 days with very limited involvement from IT.
Fred Tiso,
VP of Wordwide Supply Chain, Citrix

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