Forrester Brief: Data Preparation Tools Accelerate Analytics

Forrester Data Preparation

How long does it take to get data in the hands of business users? If yours is like most organizations, the answer is “too long.”

According to a Forrester survey, 59% of business and technology decision-makers say it takes months or years to meet new requests to turn data into business insights.

Read Forrester’s “Data Preparation Tools Accelerate Analytics” research brief and find out how to make your business more efficient.

In this brief, you will learn:

  • Why taking too long to deliver data to end users represents serious risks to your business.
  • Which key capabilities you should look for when evaluating data preparation tools.
  • How to consider different roles inside your organization when choosing data preparation tools.

If you want to accelerate your organization’s data preparation process, read “Data Preparation Tools Accelerate Analytics” today.