BI and Data Management in the Cloud: Issues and Trends


BARC and Eckerson Group Report - BI and Data Management in the Cloud

It appears that 2016 may have been the tipping point for cloud computing and cloud business intelligence (BI) in particular, with research showing a significant uptick in cloud BI and data management deployments.

There are several pure play cloud BI and data management vendors, and most other BI companies offer cloud-only products or extensions that support hybrid computing environments. BI Vendors now recognize that many customers want to exploit the advantages of cloud computing—faster deployments, minimal IT involvement, no capital expenditures and elastic computing. And they are investing accordingly.

BARC and Eckerson Group – two leading market research firms – released their study on the state of BI and data management as it pertains to the cloud. Surveying 370 organizations globally, the report tracks adoption of the cloud by companies that have Business Intelligence (BI) tools and data management programs. It also captures the drivers, benefits and challenges companies face when implementing cloud BI.

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  • The benefits and challenges of cloud BI.
  • The attitudes on cloud BI between North American and European organizations.
  • How companies have deployed BI across their organization and the driving forces behind it.