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Now everyone can work with data their way.

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Reach better decisions faster and maximize user adoption.

End users have varying needs when it comes to their analytical experience. Birst has re-thought the analytic experience – looking “People In” – instead of pushing “Tools Out” to users. We call it an Adaptive User Experience, and it will transform how people interact with data.

Birst breaks traditional BI paradigms of builders and viewers, by turning all consumers of information into producers of intelligence. We blur the lines between BI dashboards and discovery and create an adaptive user experience that adapts to modern work styles.

You will see the same exact interface and data, whether on a desktop, laptop or mobile, either online or offline. Birst fits with the tools your users like. You can use tools like Excel, Tableau, or R to analyze data from Birst’s trusted User Data Tier.

Birst delivers a user experience that uniquely meets each individual’s needs by supporting all the different styles of analytics.

Birst dashboards & visual discovery: Manipulate data with ease.

Birst’s fully responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboards and visual discovery interfaces unifies traditional separate dashboard and discovery interfaces. Birst’s visual discovery and dashboards require no training or IT intervention and enable true self-service BI analytics across the enterprise.

Birst’s visual discovery interface offers the ability to intuitively explore data with consumer-friendly features like drag-and-drop and double-click, auto-complete search, guided visualizations, and visual filtering.

Birst’s interactive dashboards enable users to directly interact with the dashboard. Filtering has been made intuitive, incorporating filter results via prompts or lasso filters with results seamlessly cascading across filters and dashboard pages. Additionally, Birst dashboards support flexible, drill-anywhere capabilities.


Birst open-client interface: Work with the analytic tools you love most

Your enterprise can transform its BI capabilities further still by extending the power of Birst’s 2-Tier analytics to other popular tools such as Excel, R, and Tableau.

Birst open-client interface provides ODBC access to the Uniform Business Model, which allows it to form direct connections to other front-end tools. End-user experience is seamless: end users continue to interact with analytics within their existing tools, while Birst executes queries in the background.

With Birst, business users can shorten decision cycles because they get to work with the front-end applications they already know. But that’s not all. They also gain the added benefit of having a single trusted version of the truth, and consistent analytical experiences, across all the BI tools they rely on. The result? Greater trust and alignment across your entire enterprise to drive better business outcomes.

Birst enterprise pixel-perfect reporting: Look good under any scenario.

With Birst, both business users and BI teams can create, schedule, alert, and deliver highly formatted reports with the same ease of use as the consumer Internet. Birst combines comprehensive report authoring, delivery, and scheduling capability with enterprise security, data suppression, translation, and asynchronous scheduling to ensure secure and reliable delivery of thousands of reports around the globe.

Birst also includes a report designer for advanced pixel-perfect report creation, enabling highly formatted report creation typically used in production-delivered reports to ease the migration of users who consume such reports today.


Birst predictive analytics: Always be one step ahead.

The Birst platform includes a predictive analytics engine. In contrast to conventional data-mining environments, data in Birst does not have to undergo the time-consuming process of being moved. Instead, the platform generates datasets for predictive model training and scoring directly from its Semantic (Governance) Layer. With this embedded predictive capability, you can push predictive intelligence out to your front-line business users. At last, everyone can apply data science in everyday decisions — and without the need for a team of data scientists standing at the ready.

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Birst has benefited us by getting us down to one source of data, one source of truth, and making that available to every employee quickly and easily.

John Gordos, Associate Director, Application Development, Sunny Delight Beverages Co.