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AI-powered BI transforms every employee into a data-driven decision maker.

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Harness the power of data science to instantly understand the factors driving your business.

Be more insightful. Birst’s patented machine learning technology automatically discovers connections hidden in your data and makes recommendations that an analyst may not have considered. It’s like having hundreds of analysts working together to bring you insights you never had before.

Make decisions faster. The power of Birst’s advanced automation delivers valuable insights to decision makers instantly. No more waiting for your analyst to build the reports you need. Now you can identify business drivers and make timely decisions at the click of a button.

Take action. Transform your BI experience from “what happened” to “why it happened” and “what will happen”. Birst Smart Analytics helps you tap into the power of data science, so you can understand what’s really driving your business and take actions to achieve desired results.

Birst Smart Analytics delivers AI-powered insights that elevate organizations above traditional reports, powering automated insights that expand the reach of BI more broadly than ever before.

“With Birst Smart Analytics, our business users are automatically presented with deeper, root cause analysis without having to depend on an analyst or a data scientist. We can uncover reasons why labor costs are high this week, for example. Or we can make smarter menu recommendations to our ecommerce customers. Birst automatically finds relationships hidden in our data and presents them to our decision makers in easy-to-understand dashboards.”

Matt Riley, Lead Data Warehouse Engineer Specialty’s Café & Bakery

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Built using patented automation technologies, Birst Smart Analytics empowers business users with capabilities that, until now, had been available only to highly skilled data scientists.

Explains business behaviors automatically

Requiring no specialized expertise, Smart Analytics helps business users find meaningful relationships between a given KPI and countless business variables, and then automatically generate visualizations and dashboards that explain the KPI’s behavior.

Smart Analytics is completely personalized, providing results that are tailored to each unique user based on security filters, dashboard context, row level security and personalized user selections.

Business users can define their area of interest for their automated analysis. This results in more meaningful and more actionable insights, in contrast with other tools that produce random insights which may or may not be relevant to the individual business user.

Connects business users with collaborative, extensible analytics

Leveraging Birst’s pioneering Networked BI technology, business users can blend in their own local data to extend the insights produced by Smart Analytics, or collaborate across the enterprise by linking their insights to analytic instances of different departments across the corporate network.

Thanks to Birst’s unified and trusted semantic layer, Smart Analytics can easily incorporate these new attributes and measures into the original analysis, to give a complete picture of what’s driving business performance. Business users across departments get a new set of actionable insights that are collaborative, outcome focused, and easy to understand.

Delivers transparent insights for more confident decisions

Smart Analytics provides transparent, easy-to-interpret results that clearly show the relative importance of each attribute and measure, and their impact on business performance.

Smart Analytics uses Birst’s proprietary Value Based Design principles, which immediately show the user which variables are the highest contributors to the change in a KPI. Birst also analyzes a combination of variables and shows the user the relative rank of these variables on the intended outcome.

Birst Smart Analytics reveals the science behind the automated insights to help business users make decisions more confidently.


Birst Smart Analytics Always be one step ahead.