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Data governance plus speed and agility — only from Birst

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Enable centralized and de-centralized teams to collaborate on trusted data across the enterprise

It’s a struggle every enterprise is confronting these days. How do you meet your requirements at the enterprise level for centralized BI data governance and consistency while giving de-centralized business users the speed and agility they need to make the right decisions faster?

Birst’s 2-Tier BI and Analytics technology solves this problem once and for all. And ours is the only enterprise BI platform that does.


How it works

Birst’s unique architecture automates the process of refining all data from any source across the entire enterprise, providing a user-ready data tier that everyone can trust. Birst ensures that user-generated data and analysis remains consistent with your centralized enterprise data stores, extending data governance and control throughout your enterprise.

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Birst has defined the pioneering vision of what a set of cloud BI and analytics capabilities should look like.

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2015, Gartner

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Painlessly connect live or extract data from any source

Birst Live Access and Pre-Built Connectors

With Birst, data connectivity is blistering fast, comprehensive, and hassle-free. Our enterprise BI platform provides data extraction and connectivity options for a wide variety of databases, flat and structured files, analytic databases, big data, and popular cloud and on-premises applications. Birst streamlines connectivity even further with its singular ability to query live data in real time through our Live Access capabilities. Birst also comes with more than 100 pre-built connectors to popular data sources to accelerate deployment and eliminate the headache of reconfiguring APIs and underlying applications. And finally, with Birst you get exclusive “always-on” capabilities that allow your business users to keep working with their adaptive BI tools and never miss a beat, even while data is being loaded and processed.

Enable rapid access to business-ready data

Birst Automated Data Refinement (ADR)

Birst’s patent pending Automated Data Refinement (ADR) automatically merges data from different tables, sources, or structures into a common user-ready data store, optimized for analytic questions. Through ADR, Birst eliminates the need for teams of developers and data specialists to perform the time-intensive and error-prone Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes that legacy BI scenarios require.



Provide a unified view of data to make trusted decisions

Birst Semantic (Governance) Layer

With Birst, business users who work with data get insights they can trust, and with none of the wrangling that typifies legacy BI solutions. What makes this possible is our 2-Tier Analytics server. It’s comprised of a Semantic (Governance) Layer, ROLAP Engine, and Data Navigator. The Semantic Layer provides the single source of truth for all data your people rely on.

The ROLAP engine and Data Navigator transparently draw data (federated queries) from user-generated sources, warehouses, and Birst’s user-ready data store and move it seamlessly into the workflow. Business users don’t have to bother themselves with where data comes from or whether they’ll receive it. They get the right data at the right time, from whatever sources a query requires, quickly and effortlessly.

Empower centralized and de-centralized collaboration

Birst Networked BI Architecture

By leveraging Birst’s one-of-a-kind “virtual space” approach, your administrators can create virtual business intelligence instances that represent portions or entire copies of the central BI instance, and push them out to individuals, groups, departments, or divisions in your organization. These “child” spaces maintain their linkage to the master space, but give business users the freedom to make changes to their own spaces without contaminating the master Semantic (Governance) Layer. With this versatility, you can maintain centralized IT governance while giving individuals tremendous agility and speed to work with governed data.

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Scale instantly to petabytes of data and thousand of users

Birst Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture

Extend your BI capabilities as far and as fast as your enterprise requires with Birst cloud business intelligence. Our enterprise BI platform is designed from the ground up as a multi-tenant system, so you can scale horizontally on demand just by adding new computing nodes. We bolster query performance through intelligent caching, pre-aggregation, and optimized SQL generation. Need to run analytics on very large data volumes? No problem. Birst leverages column-store database technology, like Amazon Redshift, and the fastest, most robust in-memory cloud database technology in SAP HANA.

Better yet, Birst can combine the two, giving you “the best of both worlds” — the low-cost, large-scale data storage of Redshift with the split-second in-memory performance (SAP HANA). Now you can meet the demands of the even largest data sets and most challenging business-user performance needs without breaking a sweat.

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