2-Tier BI and Analytics

Give enterprise business users the fast, self-service analytics they demand without sacrificing data governance and trust

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All your data, made accessible, adaptable, and trusted

2-Tier BI and Analytics is a fundamentally new approach to enterprise BI. It leverages Birst’s unique 2-Tier BI and Analytics technology, which automatically unifies and refines all data across your enterprise, whether generated by de-centralized business users or centralized BI teams and systems.

With our business intelligence platform, business users get highly individualized self-service experiences that adapt to their specific needs. Our technology ensures all data across your enterprise is controlled, governed and true — and with minimal IT involvement every step of the way.

Adaptive User Experience

Give business users open and adaptive analytic experiences that empower them to make faster, smarter decisions on data they can trust.

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2-Tier BI and Analytics Technology

Automatically unify and refine any data from any source at business speed and harness a single version of the truth in all your line of business workflows.

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Adaptive User Experience

In today’s demanding workplaces, information consumers have become intelligence producers.  People want analytics on mobile devices and to use the analytic tool of their choice.  How can technology deliver on these demands? An Adaptive User Experience.

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User Data Tier

It’s a struggle every enterprise is confronting these days. How do you meet your requirements at the enterprise level for centralized BI data governance and consistency while giving de-centralized business users the speed and agility they need to make the right decisions faster?

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Birst incorporated the best-of-breed of all the qualities that we were looking for in a BI solution. The total cost of ownership and the flexibility that Birst provided made us choose Birst over other providers.

Ram Nagaraj, Director of IT, Business Intelligence and Master Data, Aruba Networks



Big Data Analytics

Create the next generation data architecture on Hadoop that provides a fast, responsive and high-concurrency analytic environment for business groups to interact with data in rapid speed and in business terminology.

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Embedded Analytics

Combine the most advanced platform, the most experienced team, and the most complete go-to-market methodology to create flawless analytic products.

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See business value in weeks, not months, and at 1/3 of the cost of other enterprise-grade alternatives.
Delivered in the cloud or on-premise.

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