Pulse Mining Systems Expands Business Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities with Birst

San Francisco, CA, – 

Birst, the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Pulse Mining Systems, a provider of Enterprise Resource Planning applications specifically for the mining sector. Working with Birst, Pulse Mining has developed a new analytics package that provides data visualization and analytics for its customers, based on more than 30 years’ experience of supporting mining companies with their operations.

Pulse Mining Analytics is available to customers on any device, providing anywhere-access to data in an intuitive and flexible manner from the cloud. By embedding Birst into its new analytics product, Pulse Mining can offer fast integration with the company’s mining ERP application, as well as other ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle that are popular within the sector. Using cloud BI, Pulse Mining can help its customers look at their operations in greater detail in order to spot opportunities that can improve their performance and reduce operating costs.

“We were looking for a way to extend our abilities around business intelligence for our customers. The traditional BI approach was not either a valid option or appropriate for an agile methodology with respect to the creation of analytical capability for organizations,” said Rob Parvin, visualization and analytics manager at Pulse Mining. “Birst represents 'the next evolution' of BI software, allowing us to implement a single tool-based development platform and a flexible cloud infrastructure delivery model.”

The implementation with Pulse Mining began in July 2014, and was completed an impressive eight weeks later in August. “Using the combination of Birst and our unique approach to agile BI development, Pulse has successfully engaged a series of existing customers to deliver our analytics product,” continued Rob Parvin. “We started from a zero base and have developed cutting edge analytical tools for a selection of clients in less than six months. Our average sprint time is now at two weeks and we have a line of customers waiting to buy our new product. While any technology is only as good as the methodology used to create the solution and the expertise of the people using it, Birst has presented us with a legitimate way of being able to incrementally create an analytical capability for an organization using standard sprint timescales.”

“The potential for business intelligence has always been about combining data from across an organization in order to create new insights. However, this has not often been realized for the whole organization. Birst uses its unique approach to organizing data across enterprise and user layers in order to expand access to data and analytics across the business,” said Brad Peters, Chief Product Officer, Birst. “Birst helps organizations like Pulse Mining get access to new analytic and business intelligence services in a rapid and usable fashion.”

Pulse Mining is also using Birst internally for its own analytics requirements. This includes generating reports and analyzing data around the company’s key business activities, including sales and operations performance.

Birst has more than 10,000 customers using its cloud BI platform to unify and refine their corporate data assets, and inject analytics into every business process and every decision. This is spread across direct implementations hosted on the Birst cloud, Birst implementations within companies’ own private clouds, and with third parties that have embedded Birst as their analytic engine.

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