E.Novation launches Birst and ‘Agile Analytics’ in the European BI Market

San Francisco, CA, – 

E.Novation is the first European-wide partner of Birst Inc., the San Francisco-based (US) provider of agile business analytics. With 30 years of experience in providing clients with industry-leading technology solutions, E.Novation is partnering with Birst to deliver cost-effective, enterprise-class business intelligence (BI) to the European market. Birst’s cloud-based technology enables organizations to quickly, easily and affordably develop and deploy advanced analytical solutions without the overhead of additional hardware/software investment and with a reduced dependency on IT resources.

Unlike traditional, ‘big BI’ applications, Birst can be implemented in only days or weeks, without reliance upon expensive consultants or specialized IT professionals. This quick time to market reduces the costs of building and deploying reports, dashboards, and ad hoc analysis. It gives users fast access to valuable data, allowing organizations to experience the immediate benefits and impact of using analytics to make the ‘right’ decisions. When compared to legacy big BI applications, Birst is typically one-third the cost, time and resources.

Freek Kamst, Director Business Consultancy (E.Novation) recently confirmed that “Birst is an excellent platform to reduce the increasing costs of BI. The time-to-value of its reporting and analytics gives Birst a big advantage over the traditional BI vendors. We’ve already a great deal of interest from a variety customers ranging from local government, e-commerce, healthcare and food industries.”

Birst is able to easily combine and analyze data from multiple applications and data sources, including CRM and ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle EBS and SAP. Birst supports scheduled data extraction from all major relational database management systems (RDBMS) and its pre-built connectors enable easy integration with popular cloud-based applications like Salesforce.com, Google Analytics and NetSuite. Personal data in the form of csv, xls, MS Access and text files can also be incorporated. Additionally, Birst can be deployed ‘in the cloud’ or as an on-premise, virtual appliance. This flexibility allows organizations to maintain control of where their data resides.

For more information and access to white papers regarding ‘Agile Analytics’ please visit www.bisaas.nl.

About E.Novation:

E.Novation has been an important provider in the field of IT innovations for almost 30 years with headquarters based in Capelle a/d IJssel, Rotterdam area. Communication and data integration is our core business and E.Novation emphasizes on secure messaging, integration services, application development, hosting services and business intelligence. We have a very solid and extended track record in our primary lines of business, healthcare, government and logistics. Besides that, E.Novation has extended expertise in many other lines of business and the knowledge and capacity to offer state of art solution for every challenge.
More information on our website www.enovation.nl.

About Birst:

Birst™ is the leader in agile business analytics. It offers a single place to manage all of your organization’s business analytics and the agility to answer questions spanning departments, data sources, and deployments—across both public and private clouds. Birst gives users the fastest way to answer their most pressing business questions, and the ones they didn’t know to ask. At one-third the cost, time, and staff of traditional big BI, Birst brings the benefits of analytics and fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience. For more information, visit www.birst.com or follow us on Twitter @BirstBI.