Crimson Hexagon Announces Unique OEM Partnership with Birst to Help Companies Extract More Value from Enterprise Data

Partnership unites analysis of unstructured social data and business intelligence to deepen customer insights

San Francisco, CA, – 

Crimson Hexagon, the global leader in consumer insights from social media data, today announced an OEM partnership with Birst, the global leader in cloud-based business intelligence and analytics for the enterprise. Enterprises can now easily integrate and combine Birst’s patented two-tier analytics technology within Crimson Hexagon’s analysis of unstructured social data, providing businesses with a 360-degree view of valuable business data. By eliminating data silos across business departments and delivering a single view of actionable insights, users are empowered to make accurate, strategic decisions across the enterprise.

In a recent report, Forrester found only 29 percent of enterprise architects currently believe their organizations utilize their data adequately. Separately, Forbes found 85 percent of all business data is unstructured, contributing to the problems companies have in corralling and properly analyzing the data they need. Businesses face technical barriers in integrating and managing the amount of data required to effectively measure consumer insights. The issues come down to scale as much as they do economics. Together, Crimson Hexagon and Birst alleviate the integration challenges and allow for the display of social data alongside other enterprise data sources to deliver insights quickly.

“The demand for social insights as part of an overall business intelligence approach is growing as more companies try to address the challenge of contextualizing consumer sentiments, emotions, affinities and other forms of unstructured data into analytics initiatives,” said Errol Apostolopoulos, senior vice president of product for Crimson Hexagon. “By joining forces, Crimson Hexagon and Birst can help analyze and link structured and unstructured data to support decision-making within sales, product development, customer service and more.”

Kim Davis, vice president of alliances at Birst, said, “Enterprises today rely on structured and unstructured data sets to make crucial decisions but are challenged to accurately interpret the meaning of the insights. Birst’s partnership with Crimson Hexagon will help our enterprise clients uncover the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ to create a customer-centric operation that can be a significant competitive advantage.”

With the existence of more data now than ever before within the enterprise, decision-makers need to take a cloud-based approach to integrating business intelligence and social data. By gaining a more accurate understanding of the industry landscape and market opportunity, decision-makers can put data into action to quickly impact the bottom line. The Crimson Hexagon and Birst integration is now available.