Copperstone Connect Inc. Announces New Canadian Partnership with Birst

Birst Bolsters Analytic Power by Giving Enterprises the Ability to Easily Analyze and Visualize Enterprise Data

Toronto, Ontario, – 

Copperstone Connect, a Canadian leader in data integration and Analytics Solutions, announced today a delivery partnership with Birst, a global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics. This integration brings Copperstone Connect’s expertise around Business Intelligence and data to Birst’s agile and scalable Cloud BI data platform. “Companies and organizations around the world are able to easily refine and unify their data with Birst, now that opportunity exists in Canada with Birst’s product and our delivery approach”, stated Paul Herron, CEO of Copperstone Connect.

“Traditionally, companies have been locked into slow legacy business intelligence solutions, which provided a broad range of capabilities under one brand name, but across a patchwork of older un-integrated technologies. These solutions have failed to deliver the speed and access to data that today’s businesses demand. More importantly the ROI has been suspect in the past.  Now with the Birst technology, Copperstone Connect has the ability to deliver solutions with a very powerful ROI”.

“The combination of Birst’s advanced BI and analytics technology and Copperstone Connect’s delivery capabilities are tremendous step forward for all Canadian organizations. We are thrilled to partner with Copperstone Connect in this marketplace” stated Jim Broadley, Canadian Country Manager for Birst.

Call today for more information or to arrange a demo at (416) 697-9454.

About Birst

Birst is a global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics. The company helps organizations make thousands of decisions better, every day, for every person. Birst's patent-pending 2-tier data analytics and BI platform enables enterprises to create a trusted source of data, place it in the context of key business users and then enable business users up and down the organization to report and analyze the information using world-class BI tools. Thousands of the most demanding businesses trust Birst to make metric-driven business execution a reality. Learn more at and join the conversation

About Copperstone Connect

Copperstone Connect is a premier IT solution firm focused on Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Their project-based teams are experts in the Analytics sector and follow a defined methodology in providing solutions/projects that exceed client expectations. Covering the full spectrum of analytics from data source to dashboards and predictive analytics, Copperstone Connect partners with firms small and large to deliver solutions both on-premise and in the cloud.  Learn more at