Birst’s Born-in-the-Cloud BI Platform Provides 4moms With Quick Access to Enterprise-Caliber Business Insight

San Francisco, CA, – 

Birst Inc., the leader in Cloud BI, today announced that 4moms, a developer and marketer of innovative juvenile products, is deploying Birst’s business intelligence (BI) platform company-wide to gain quick access to enterprise-caliber business insight. Using Birst to combine several different data sources, 4moms will leverage the resulting comprehensive information and analysis to speed decision-making and optimize business processes across Sales, Finance, Marketing, and Operations.

With quick, easy access to information and analysis provided by Birst, 4moms will be equipped to make better, faster, fact-based decisions across the organization. To help 4moms optimize its distribution strategy in key markets, Birst will track sales by retailer category and region. Where 4moms sells directly, Birst will provide information related to individual retailer performance, retailer reorders, and product delivery time. Leveraging this insight, 4moms will be able to increase the accuracy of its sales forecasts, further enhance customer satisfaction, and identify product color preferences by retailer and region in order to more efficiently meet customer demand. Within its finance division, 4moms will also use Birst to perform revenue analysis and, in the future, more effectively model the revenue impact of new product launches.

By combining data from 4moms’ ERP system and a variety of other applications, Birst will additionally create a comprehensive view of the organization’s supply chain. A single dashboard tracking a variety of vital information will immediately alert users to issues requiring attention, such as supplier production delays. 4moms will also use Birst to provide its suppliers and retailers with sales forecasts and sales reporting, including current and historical sales by month. Using this data, retailers will be better able to anticipate changes in inventory levels and schedule marketing campaigns and sales promotions accordingly.

“After our data was captured by our ERP system, it was as though it had disappeared into a black hole,” said Mary Koes, Vice President of Operations, 4moms. “Birst is changing all that, bringing to light the information we need to make the right decisions for our business. If we had several full-time people focused on nothing but analytics for over a year, we would expect to realize only a small fraction of the tremendous value Birst will deliver in just the next couple of months.”

As a small but rapidly growing company with product distribution in 38 countries, 4moms needed a fast, easy way to provide its business users with the ability to combine, analyze, and access data housed within a variety of sources across the organization. In evaluating a number of BI solutions, 4moms found Birst’s responsiveness, ease-of -use, advanced capabilities, and overall design to be far superior to the rest. Birst’s powerful, automated back-end will quickly and easily consolidate and make analytic-ready 4moms’ disparate data. And, as the only enterprise-caliber BI platform born in the Cloud, Birst will provide rich, visual, analytic and reporting tools paired with a cloud-based deployment model that will free 4moms’ software team to focus on other priorities.

“We’re helping business users make better decisions by harnessing the value of the deluge of data that invariably collects in different systems throughout an organization,” said Brad Peters, CEO of Birst. “Birst consolidates and analyzes data of all types and sizes to deliver deeper answers to the difficult questions that—when answered correctly—drive increased business results.”

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