Birst Partner Alliance Welcomes Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada

San Francisco, CA, – 

Birst, the global leader in Cloud BI, and Smart Source USA, a business and IT consulting professional services firm, and its affiliate Smart Source Canada, announced they have partnered to deliver Birst’s end-to-end cloud business intelligence (BI) platform to business users at midsize and enterprise organizations to give them the ability to realize sales, growth and revenue objectives. As Birst’s newest Champion Partner, Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada are dedicated to providing customers more affordable, more agile BI than those typically offered by Big Box consultancies.

The partnership with Birst enables Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada to continue their commitment to help customers make better-informed, data-driven decisions through agile BI. Customers will benefit from Birst’s enterprise-caliber Cloud BI platform, which offers pre-built connectors to leading applications, including, NetSuite, Marketo and others, for advanced analytics spanning multiple data sources. Birst’s integration with ever-expanding data sources delivers a more comprehensive view across all business departments and enables business users the ability to identify emerging trends and improve decision-making.

Customers will also benefit from Birst’s mobile BI offering, allowing easy access to reports and interactive dashboards that enable users to drill down in more detail and gain new levels of insight while on the move. Birst Mobile is a native iOS application and takes full advantage of Apple’s gesture-based user interface, allowing for easy interaction with mobile dashboards and enabling business users to work more efficiently, productively and profitably.

“Traditional BI projects are plagued with high resource costs and multi-year deployment cycles. Historically, a traditional approach to BI has focused on collecting data, not what to do with it. At Smart Source USA, we offer a new form of BI, which allows the infusion of agility so that an organization interacts with its analytics platform,” says Frank Gagliardi, Managing Partner at Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada. “Our mission is to remove the impediments that have traditionally plagued large data projects, and expand the reach of BI to roles across the enterprise, reducing dependencies on IT and delivering real business intelligence directly to managers and executives on their mobile devices via an agile, SaaS platform. Our partnership with Birst is based on the central tenet of offering a renewed BI delivery model. With Birst, both Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada will be able to deliver a differentiated experience, making BI accessible to businesses of any size, faster, and more cost-effectively – a seemingly disruptive concept.”

“Our clients understand they're operating in a competitive landscape where more than ever before, in addition to being agile and nimble, they have to be correct. That requires a renewed approach of understanding your business, and the core processes that drive your operations and your growth,” said Ramesh Gangisetti, Director of Marketing and Sales at Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada. “That drives the need to speed business decisions, understand the consequences of any decision and predict outcomes with increased certainty, moving to a new level of corporate intelligence.”

“Together, Birst’s born in the Cloud BI platform and the professional consultants at Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada will provide organizations a flexible, affordable solution that delivers powerful business benefits, enabling customers to minimize costs and improve productivity. Birst is pleased to have Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada as part of our partner ecosystem,” said Sharon Gordon, Vice President of Birst Alliances and Technology Partnerships.

About Smart Source USA and Smart Source Canada (Canadian-based Affiliate)
Smart Source USA is a business and IT consulting professional services firm that provides custom development using open source and proprietary technologies, mobility, business intelligence/analytics, ecommerce, cloud, emerging technologies and others. We provide premier research and advisory services so our solutions are aligned with the customer's requirements.
We are affiliated partners with one of the largest IT solutions provider in the energy sector in the South East of the USA.

About Birst
Birst is the only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform born in the cloud. Less costly and more agile than Legacy BI and more powerful than Data Discovery, Birst is engineered with an automated data warehouse and rich, visual analytics, to give meaning to data—all types and sizes. Coupled with the agility of the Cloud, Birst gives business teams the ability to solve real problems. Fast. Find out why Gartner named Birst a Challenger in its most recent BI Magic Quadrant and why more than a thousand businesses rely on Birst for their analytic needs. Learn to think fast at and join the conversation @birstbi.

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For more information, contact:

Stacey Burbach
Birst, Inc.

Frank Gagliardi
Managing Partner
Smart Source USA
Smart Source Canada

Ramesh Gangisetti
Director, Sales & Marketing
Smart Source USA
Smart Source Canada