Birst Marketing Analytics Paints a Complete Picture of the Customer Journey

San Francisco, CA, – 

Birst, the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics, today announced a new Marketing Analytics Accelerator that integrates online and offline sources of marketing data to provide a complete picture of the customer journey, from audiences to prospects to profitable customers. As marketers are inundated with data about their customers from a wide variety of dynamic sources, creating faster ways to acquire new customers or developing upsell and cross-sell opportunities demand closer integration and analysis of data from different systems. Birst unifies, refines and embeds an integrated view of marketing data into every decision so marketers can create greater awareness, acquire new customers and nurture existing relationships.

Today’s marketing technology landscape represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, focused on specific functions such as marketing automation, web data analysis or customer relationship management. The Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator simplifies this increasingly complex marketing landscape by bringing in data together from multiple data sources and embedding the insights into every marketing decision — all using a single platform. With Birst, marketing data is readily available in user-ready formats so that marketers can intelligently navigate the customer journey.

“As our B2B marketing strategy evolves into business strategy, we realized we'd need to partner with a BI vendor that could give us insight into the entire lead-to-revenue process. Birst has been an invaluable solution for the OpenDNS marketing department to reliably forecast revenue, enabling everyone in the organization to make better decisions around pipeline and revenue goals,” said Courtland Smith, senior director, revenue marketing at OpenDNS. “We expect an increase in the effectiveness of our marketing investments as we expand our use of Birst to forecast revenue by marketing channels.”

“Marketing is the lynchpin of any company. Marketers not only focus on nurturing new prospects, but also building loyalty and retention strategies. However, leveraging data has become increasingly complex with marketers drowning in a sea of technology solutions,” said Brad Peters, chairman and chief product officer, Birst. “With Birst’s Marketing Analytics Accelerator marketers can link the various contact points along the market journey of their prospects and customers, which often spans multiple applications, to create a complete picture of how customers are found, sold and on-boarded. We are making it easier than ever to put valuable insights into the hands of marketers to not only improve effectiveness, but to quantify value.”

Birst customers leverage its marketing analytics capabilities in many ways including customer profiling and segmentation, upsell and cross-sell opportunity analysis, retention analysis and more. Unlike other niche marketing analytic offerings that report on only a single marketing source, Birst provides a user-ready data tier that unifies all marketing data, allows marketers to define how they want to measure business results, while keeping everyone aligned on common metrics and business rules. Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator also features a pre-built data model that integrates Marketo,, Google Analytics applications, and a library of out-of-the-box KPIs, reports and dashboards. Birst then provides intuitive front-end tools for marketers to explore their data using interactive dashboards and visual data discovery. Armed with this approach, marketing teams can go live in weeks with a complete analytics solution that puts data at the core of every decision to grow top line revenue and increase customer loyalty and success.

"Birst helps us think fast. With Birst we are able to give our customers access to information via an executive dashboard viewpoint that helps them be more successful," said Doug Udoff, Vice President of Customer Success at Hiperos. "Birst is generating incremental revenue in our new and in our existing customers as they see the added value and benefit of analytics across their organizations. We’re able to use Birst to help us collect information, analyze it and understand it so we can make better business decisions, faster."

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