Birst Boosts Productivity and Customer Satisfaction for Intradiem

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Birst Inc., the leader in Cloud BI, today announced that Intradiem has embedded Birst business analytics within its intraday management technology to provide customers with detailed reporting and analytics related to call center agent activities. By providing Intradiem customers with quick, self-service access to ad hoc analysis, Birst is increasing their satisfaction and freeing Intradiem’s product development and management teams to work on other priorities.

Call center agents have a daily average of 49 minutes of cumulative idle time between calls. Intradiem identifies small pockets of idle time and directs agents to complete assigned activities within those time frames in order to improve overall agent productivity and profitability. Tightly integrated with Intradiem’s intraday management technology to provide a seamless user experience, Birst is enabling the organizations’ customers to track how much agent idle time Intradiem has identified, how it is being utilized, and what improvements are occurring as a result. Companies can ensure activities are being completed as needed—whether to boost performance or meet regulatory requirements—and make adjustments to the list of required activities or to the activities themselves, to maximize their positive impact. On a more granular level, supervisors are able to track the activities and performance of individual agents. In the future, Intradiem plans to also employ Birst internally, to gain greater insight into how customers are using its solution.

Now that customers have self-service access to ad hoc analysis and Intradiem can create new reports in a fraction of the time required by its previous reporting process, the organization’s product development and product management teams are able to devote time saved to other key priorities. Moreover, Birst is enabling Intradiem to further enhance customer satisfaction by responding more quickly to customer reporting requests.

“Birst’s ease of use is incredible,” said Jennifer East, Director of Product Strategy, Intradiem. “We offer customers a standard set of out-of-the-box, online reporting dashboards that invariably need a bit of adjustment. With Birst, we can create a new dashboard in a matter of minutes—without help from IT.”

After evaluating a wide range of solutions, including IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects, Intradiem selected Birst as the solution best suited to easily and cost-effectively provide its customers with real-time, self-service access to ad hoc reporting and analysis. As a cloud-based solution that can be implemented entirely in the Cloud or as an on-premise, virtual appliance, Birst also offered unparalleled deployment flexibility that allowed Intradiem to maximize control of its customer data.

“To make fast, meaningful decisions that quickly improve business results, people need accurate, up-to-date information at their fingertips,” said Brad Peters, CEO of Birst. “By providing users with the ability to easily perform their own detailed, ad hoc analysis, Birst is lessening the load on overtaxed technical teams and empowering decision-makers with precisely the intelligence they need, where and when they need it.”

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Intradiem, formerly Knowlagent, is the leading provider of intraday management solutions for contact centers. Its technology increases agent productivity and performance by delivering off-phone activities during agent idle time. Intradiem’s solutions are on-demand, easy to use and require no capital expenditures. More than 450,000 agents and managers around the world use Intradiem’s solutions every day. For more information, call 888-566-9457 or visit us online at

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