Birst Adds Multi-Touch Attribution to Marketing Analytics Accelerator

New capabilities rapidly deliver easy-to-use analytics for measuring the value of B2B and B2C marketing campaigns

San Francisco, CA, – 

Birst, the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics, today announced a new addition to its Marketing Analytics Accelerator that enables marketers to analyze, understand, and report on the impacts of cross-channel campaign efforts.

The Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator, initially released in October 2014, offers pre-built integration, reports, dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across Web Analytics, Marketing Automation and CRM software data sources. With the added capabilities announced today, Birst is delivering a complete view for marketers wanting to better understand which combination of channels, campaigns and events influences their buyers and, ultimately, leads to new sales and revenue retention.

Birst created the Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator to simplify data and analytics challenges facing today’s marketers. With the proliferation of marketing technology tools, where historically each tool is designed to track a single part of the customer journey, marketers struggled to make decisions with one complete view of the buying journey of their customers.  With customer and campaign data often living in several silos across the organization, marketers suffer from a lack of visibility and unification. The Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator brings that data together in one platform, providing a single version of the truth for marketers to make more informed decisions that lead to real business value.

“Marketers struggle to measure attribution because of data complexities, cumbersome attribution calculations, and numerous metrics and analysis needs,” wrote Tina Moffett, an analyst serving customer insights professionals at Forrester Research,¹ a leading IT research and advisory firm.  “[They] often view advanced attribution as a “black box” measurement approach because of opaque calculations used to measure cross-channel impact. [Marketers] must create a multidimensional analysis [of marketing impact on revenue] aside from typical click-through rates and open rates. Attribution measurement techniques help you focus on true marketing and channel impact, while identifying common customer purchase paths.”

Birst uses patent-pending Automated Data Refinement (ADR) to rapidly unify data from major marketing applications such as Marketo, Eloqua, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Salesforce, ExactTarget, NetSuite, SAP, traditional databases and data warehouses. This unified data, makes data readily available in a user-ready format that hides complexity.  Marketers can then use Birst to perform search-based, easy-to-use analytics, reporting, dashboards and visualizations in a self-service manner.

With this approach, and now with the new attribution capabilities, marketers can create organizational clarity, trust and alignment across online and offline marketing channels, as well as other non-marketing functions such as sales, services and partners.

“Data has become increasingly complex for marketers,” said Carl Tsukahara, CMO at Birst. “The Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator speeds the time-to-value in linking together various sources of marketing data and creates a single, trusted view of attribution, enabling marketers to identify the best campaigns and programs that drive engagement, revenue and loyalty.”

The Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator also provides marketers the option to choose the attribution style that works best for them, including single-touch attribution styles such as First Touch and Last Touch, as well as multi-touch attribution styles, including Linear and Time Decay models. In addition, Birst enables complete customization of this attribution to help marketers apply their own rules and calculations. Armed with this accelerator, marketing teams can go live in weeks with a complete analytics solution, putting data at the core of every decision to grow top-line revenue and increase customer loyalty and success.

¹“Adopt The Right Marketing Metrics To Measure Success,” Forrester Research, Inc., Feb. 24, 2015

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