DJO Global turns cost to revenue with analytics “Ferrari”

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Chris Fitzharris, Director of Business Intelligence at medical device provider DJO Global, tells Enterprise Times that “with Birst, we have a ‘Ferrari’ for a data analytics engine, which delivers insights much faster and helps us make better business decisions, based on a single source of truth.”


Success with Value-Based Design: Identifying Critical Factors of a Key Value Indicator (KVI)

In his article on how Value-Based Design uses analytics to drive business results, Birst’s Paul Staelin discusses how organizations must identify which metrics have the most impact on their Key Value Indicators (KVIs). By improving these metrics, companies can improve the overall performance of the KVIs.


Driving Business Success With Value-Based Design

Birst SVP Paul Staelin, in his article for Target Marketing, writes that Value-Based Design (VBD) helps business users focus on the most critical items for them, increasing the success of an analytics project by shortening the time to value and driving greater business impact.


25 Data & Analytics Vendors at the Forefront in 2018

Birst was named by InformationWeek as one of its top 25 data and analytics 2018 Vendors To Watch for Birst’s ability to innovate and execute at scale. InformationWeek cited “forward-looking capabilities” such as predictive and prescriptive analytics, AI and Machine Learning.


Birst Fall 2017 Touts Expansive User Experience Upgrades

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Birst’s Fall 2017 software release enables greater use of analytics networking capabilities, helping business users more quickly turn data from disparate systems into a shared analytical network.


IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act: Kick starts privacy standards, but companies should do more

In this blog for IoT Agenda, Rick Spickelmier, Chief Technology Officer at Birst, writes that the security standards proposed in the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 represent a good start toward creating higher security standards beyond IoT, across all industries. The Act seeks to establish IoT security standards such as (1) Prohibiting hardcoded passwords in IoT devices, (2) Requiring industry-standard encryption for communicating to and from IoT devices, and (3) Certifying that there are no known vulnerabilities in the IoT devices.


Birst is a key innovator in the Embedded Analytics market, expected to grow to $59.8 billion by 2023.

Birst, an Infor company, is a key innovator in the Embedded Analytics market, which is expected to grow to $59.8 billion by 2023, according to a new report published by KBV Research. Cloud-based rollouts currently dominate the deployment mode for Embedded Analytics, and KBV Research expects this trend to remain dominant in the market until 2023.


GDPR Matters – the many ways of looking at data

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As global companies prepare to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), marketing and sales teams can get great insights into customer buying behaviors by networking customer data together, while, at the same time, making sure that customers’ personal data is secure, according to this MyCustomer article by Rick Spickelmier, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Birst, an Infor company.


Where Are the Biggest Opportunities for AI?

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Pedro Arellano, Vice President of Product Strategy at Birst, an Infor company, tells Tom Smith, Research Analyst for DZone, that there are great opportunities to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in every industry – particularly in financial services, healthcare and manufacturing. “In manufacturing, IoT (Internet of Things) and ML are used to predict failures so that companies can take action before the failure of a piece of equipment and reduce downtime.”


After 12 Years of Waiting, Birst Obtains Data Management Patents

Chris Preimesberger, Editor of Features & Analysis at eWEEK, writes in this article that Birst, an Infor company, has been awarded two new patents for technologies that enable the smart preparation, discovery and visualization of data. Brad Peters, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Birst business unit inside Infor, told eWEEK that Birst’s smart data discovery and visualization technology “goes beyond finding just a single attribute and its impact on a measure. It intelligently discovers multiple attributes that drive a metric up or down and prioritizes them. Further, the technology intelligently chooses the right visualization to expose, so that a business user can understand it.”