Virtual BI Ecosystem

Connect Centralized and Decentralized Data with a Virtual BI Ecosystem

2016 Buyers Kit For BI And Analytics

As an analytics leader in your company, imagine a solution that connects your centralized and decentralized data into a single networked view?

Birst, a leader in cloud BI, built a networked analytics platform that delivers a virtual BI semantic tier, offering a faster and more scalable approach to unifying the entire ecosystem of corporate data.

Deploying a virtual BI ecosystem includes:

  • A shared fabric of data connecting the enterprise.
  • Virtual BI network of interconnected teams.
  • Automated Data Refinement with 2-Tier technology.
  • Multitenant cloud architecture.
  • Data management and ETL capabilities.
  • Increased agility.

Modernize your analytics ecosystem with a virtual BI — download the Birst BI Buyer’s Kit today.