Governed Data Discovery

Increase Your Revenues with Governed Data Discovery


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All the hours of effort that go into data governance can be quickly lost if effective safeguards are not in place. Many organizations lack business intelligence (BI) strategies for how data, analytics, and people connect to drive business value.

In large organizations, data discovery typically exists in department-level silos with teams performing analytics. When these analytics don’t add up, the company spends valuable time with additional data sources trying to obtain a complete picture of what’s happening.

Case Study Scenario: SunnyD executives were receiving conflicting figures because end users were working off unique silos of data. This business disparity led to unpredictable revenue, lower margins, high inventory, and a general lack of understanding of precise profits from sales. SunnyD, after evaluating 17 different vendors, embraced the opportunity with Birst to modernize with an all-in-one platform for data aggregation, refinement and governance, with department-level dashboards customized on-demand.

The business value results for SunnyD with the Birst Networked BI platform included:

  • Transformed complex data across sources for complete business visibility.
  • Offered real time sync across users and departments.
  • Blended centralized and decentralized end users.
  • Combined business data from sales, marketing, production, logistics, warehouse and accounting.
  • 90% reduction in overtime costs; 7% savings in transportation; 2% increase in sales.
  • Trust and reuse key metrics — no more disagreements over numbers.

Governed data discovery is a rapidly growing segment of the BI market. Find our more information by downloading today, the Gartner Critical Capabilities Report.