Eliminate Data Silos

See How Sunny Delight Eliminated Their Data Silos

It can be a big problem for businesses to round-up all the data spread out in applications, data warehouses, the cloud, big data lakes, departmental databases and user spreadsheets. So how do you eliminate data silos and combine complex data across so many sources?

According to Sunny Delight, Birst’s Networked BI approach helped unify their complicated data across numerous sources. The results provided fast and easy access to one source. Every part of their organization connected through an integrated fabric of data – promoting agility, trusted discovery, and centralized BI.

Birst can help your organization by:

Sunny Delight Beverage Co. Case Study - Birst BI

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Using a sound strategy for selecting and deploying an integrated data analytics approach…enabled us to cut costs related to production planning, transportation, customer profitability, and more.”
— Shawn Roberts,
VP and CIO, Sunny Delight Beverage Co.

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