Buying BI Tools

Buying BI Tools That Unify All Your Data

2016 Buyers Kit For BI And Analytics

Choosing the right BI solution in a crowded market can be frustrating. Birst knows that BI tools need to empower users while eliminating silos of data so that business can run at your speed. We’ve put together a BI buyers guide that can help you find the right BI solution that will speed decision-making and untangle the mix of data across your organization.

Birst is a leader in connecting centralized and decentralized teams to improve the speed and economics of enterprise analytics. We help you create a networked, trusted, business-ready data tier — so all your users access real-time data enabling them to make better, more unified decisions. With Birst you will:

  • Leverage your past investments in your legacy BI solution.
  • Provide highly adaptive analytics experiences for each business user.
  • Enable decision-makers as never before.
  • Create trust in the data from reliable consistency.

Our BI Buyers Kit goes into detail on each of these points – use it to explore your options.